Do 40acts Together

40acts Together is for anyone that wants to do 40acts as part of a group!

Whether you're a family, church, small group, youth group or school, 40acts Together provides you with online and printable resources to guide you through a generous Lent as a community.

The new theme for the resources this year is 'Jesus at our table'. Jesus ate with sinners and with church leaders; he ate with thousands and with a child. He invited everyone in and accepted all invitations. Table fellowship meant friendship, peace, acceptance and unconditional love: community. This will be the focus of our seven-week Lenten resources. 

FOR CHURCHES: sermon notes, prayers, liturgy, songs and hymns for a complete church service 

FOR SMALL GROUPS: bible studies, icebreakers, discussion questions and prayers 

FOR FAMILIES: interactive family resource (digital download, or purchase the book with stickers for £7.50), in partnership with GodVenture. Includes a family wallchart.

FOR SCHOOLS: a pack of assemblies, lesson plans & materials for KS1 Infants and KS2 Juniors, family wallchart, School Challenge Cards (New for 2016, the challenge cards are linked to British Values.  Taking part in 40acts will create a generous community and contribute to your SMSC agenda.)

FOR YOUTH GROUPS: leader’s notes, icebreakers, quizzes, bible studies, activities and reflection points for ages 11-14 and 15-18, in partnership with Urban Saints.

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