40acts is the multi award-winning challenge from Christian charity Stewardship that invites you to do Lent generously.

What is 40acts?

Lent is usually about 'giving stuff up', isn't it? What if you could add something transformational to the traditional?

What if you could give up chocolate and give the money to your favourite charity? What if you could turn the TV off and spend more time helping your neighbour? What if Lent was a preparation for a lifetime of big-heartedness that reflected God's amazing generosity? Well, that’s where 40acts – the generosity challenge from Christian charity Stewardship - comes in.

Tell me more…

This year 40acts celebrated its 5th birthday! Each year we've encouraged individuals to take a daily challenge: 40 nudges in a generous direction, alongside 40 blogs to read and ponder. In 2015 over 74,000 joined us, creating a wave of over 2.9 million acts of generosity in more than 180 countries worldwide.

We also continued 40acts Together especially for groups. Whether you're a family, church, small group, school or student, 40acts Together provides you with online and printable resources to guide you through your generous journey as a community.

Here's what you can do next:

1. Sign up to receive the daily challenges by email for 2016

2. Find a group to do 40acts with, and sign up for 40acts Together

3. Get connected with 40acts on social media

What are the daily reflections?

The 40acts blog this year featured reflections from Canon Ann Easter (Chaplain to the Queen), Bear Grylls, Brad Formsma (iLikeGiving), Scott Harrison (charity: water), Dot Tyler (Tearfund), Guvna B (rap artist), Jackie Elton (Christian Connection), Jonty Langley (Huffington Post), Rev. Tony Miles (Methodist Central Hall), Ram Gidoomal (Fairtrade) and many more.

Those who signed up for the daily emails, received these blog posts straight through to their inbox every morning during Lent, along with a featured act of the day.

I've got questions!

Head to the FAQ section to see some answers to the most common questions. And if there's anything you can't find an answer to, contact us at [email protected]

For members of the press, contact Daniel Jones at [email protected] or contact him on +44 (0)7899 952075

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About Stewardship

We help people give. Since 1906 Stewardship has provided advice, guidance, inspiration and practical tools to make it simple for people to give easily and tax effectively.

40acts is just one of the many resources that we create to encourage generosity. You can find out more about Stewardship and the ways that we can help you to be generous here