use these posters and flyers to tell everyone in your local community about the 40acts challenge!

Love 40acts? Spread the word.

Download and print posters, flyers and postcards to help spread the news about 40acts in your church, school or workplace. 
You can also watch and share the video here:
Members of the press - very soon we'll publish official press releases below, but if you'd like to arrange an interview or a special feature about 40acts, you can contact Daniel Jones at [email protected] or contact him on +44 (0)7899 952075



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We help people give. Since 1906 Stewardship has provided advice, guidance, inspiration and practical tools to make it simple for people to give easily and tax effectively.

40acts is just one of the many resources that we create to encourage generosity. You can find out more about Stewardship and the ways that we can help you to be generous here