Got questions about 40acts? Here are some answers!

What is 40acts?

40acts is a daily generosity challenge that runs throughout the period of Lent, created by the charity Stewardship.  You can read more details in our About page.

If I sign up, what will I receive?

40acts challengers receive a daily email from the 10th February until the 26th March 2016 (not including Sundays!) with a generosity challenge for the day and a reflection from one of 40 different Christian writers.

What does it cost?

40acts is free to sign up to. 40acts challenges cost as much as you would like or can afford to spend on others.  Some of the challenges can involve money but this year we have incorporated a traffic light system with different options for each act, so if you don’t have a lot to spend you can still give a lot with your time, energy, skills, resources and prayers.

What happens if I can’t do the act?

Please don’t feel demoralised if you’re having one of those days and can’t complete your 40acts challenge!  The challenge can be adapted to use as you like – and this year we’ve tried to provide even more options with the traffic light system so that it’s easier to participate even on your busiest days.

Can I download the 40acts videos to show?

Yes.  If you would like to download one of our videos to show to a group you can do so here.

Can I download a paper version of all the acts?

40acts is an online campaign and part of the challenge is that each day is a surprise!  We don’t pre-release the material but we do have a challenge wall, viewable from mid-January, which includes a short one sentence clue for each day’s act.

If you'd like, you can head here to download a PDF version of last year's challenge, which you can use throughout Lent if you'd prefer. 

Where else can I find 40acts online?

You can follow 40acts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. New for 2016 - we're also on Periscope! Search for @40acts. 

Are my contact details safe?

We won’t share your details with any other party.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  See our privacy policy for further details.

Who’s behind 40acts?

40acts is run by the charity Stewardship, whose aim is to make giving easy, inspire greater generosity and strengthen Christian causes.  You can visit the Stewardship website for more details.

 I would like to get 40acts badges/stickers/t-shirts – do you provide these?

Head over to the CPO website to see a selection of different 40acts supplies that you can order.


40acts Together FAQs


How does 40acts for groups work?

You can sign up to receive our downloadable resources for Schools, Churches, Small Groups, Youth Groups or Families.  These resources are for teachers, church leaders, small group leaders and parents to facilitate working together as a group. 

These materials work as a stand alone resource but please do also encourage the rest of your group to sign up as an individual to receive the daily challenge by email and share your progress with the challenge together.


If I’m doing 40acts Together, do I have to sign up as an individual?

If you yourself have signed up for 40acts Together, you’ll automatically be signed up for the individual challenge too. If, however, your group leader has signed up for group resources, you won’t receive the daily challenge email unless you sign up as an individual. If you don’t want to sign up you can still benefit from the resources your church or small group is using.


I signed up but didn’t download the resources, how do I find them now?

In the email you received when you signed up there is a link to the page where you can download the resources.  If you have deleted this email then you can simply sign up again to find the page. It won’t mean that you receive the daily challenge emails twice, don’t worry!


Can't find the answer to your question? Ask us here: [email protected]

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About Stewardship

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40acts is just one of the many resources that we create to encourage generosity. You can find out more about Stewardship and the ways that we can help you to be generous here