40 days, 40 acts of generosity

40 days of giving back, doing good and living generously

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Day 1

Who's in yours? Time to make some shapes and kick-start a generous Lent.

Read more on 10/02/16

Day 2

Pick it up, scrub it off, get ready because things are about to get squeaky clean around here.

Read more on 11/02/16

Day 3

The deeper they go, the better. Get out that spade and let's dig deep.

Read more on 12/02/16

Day 4

“999, emergency, what service do you require?”

Read more on 13/02/16

Day 5

The staple diet of every Church event and one of the best friendship-builders we know.

Read more on 15/02/16

Day 6

Bored of the hoard? Let's put the stuff we have to better use.

Read more on 16/02/16

Day 7

One mouth, two ears. A winning ratio.

Read more on 17/02/16

Day 8

The root of all evil? Hmmm. Maybe not.

Read more on 18/02/16

Day 9

Prayer is like a telephone…

Read more on 19/02/16

Day 10

A timely word can change the course of someone's day, or even their life. Use them wisely.

Read more on 20/02/16

Day 11

Gifts, acts of service, quality time or a big fat hug? Different strokes for different folks.

Read more on 22/02/16

Day 12

Chocolate. Everywhere.

Read more on 23/02/16

Day 13

First fiddle is overrated, anyway.

Read more on 24/02/16

Day 14

That English teacher from 40 years ago, the aunt from Mexico, the person who never forgets your birthday.

Read more on 25/02/16

Day 15

Push the boat out!

Read more on 26/02/16

Day 16

“You got a friend in me…”

Read more on 27/02/16

Day 17

Today's the day to pop the question!

Read more on 29/02/16

Day 18

A daily habit, a generous difference.

Read more on 01/03/16

Day 19

Jump off the hamster wheel.

Read more on 02/03/16

Day 20

“A smile is a curve that keeps everything straight” – Phyllis Diller

Read more on 03/03/16

Day 21

Warning, warming. What are you going to do about it?

Read more on 04/03/16

Day 22

Good things come in care packages.

Read more on 05/03/16

Day 23

Cling less, give more. Even your last Rolo.

Read more on 07/03/16

Day 24

The craziest thing we can do is nothing.

Read more on 08/03/16

Day 25

Bible verse or Shakespeare quote? Swot up and start sharing!

Read more on 09/03/16

Day 26

Black bean cacao brownies or traditional victoria sponge?

Read more on 10/03/16

Day 27

Serve the server today: because they're worth it, too.

Read more on 11/03/16

Day 28

Juggling, ancient origami, bottle-top sculptures...

Read more on 12/03/16

Day 29

Not your average supermarket bargain.

Read more on 14/03/16

Day 30

Who's sitting on the sideline?

Read more on 15/03/16

Day 31

Hello, hola, bonjour, buongiourno, hallo.

Read more on 16/03/16

Day 32

Shhh. Giving without the gift tags...

Read more on 17/03/16

Day 33

You've got a brain the size of a planet!

Read more on 18/03/16

Day 34

Be the ray of sunshine in amongst the bills and takeaway menus.

Read more on 19/03/16

Day 35

Know someone upstream without a paddle?

Read more on 21/03/16

Day 36

It's a mystery!

Read more on 22/03/16

Day 37

Abandon the perfect story for the one that matters.

Read more on 23/03/16

Day 38

Don't you scrub up well!

Read more on 24/03/16

Day 39

Cut your ego down to size.

Read more on 25/03/16

Day 40

Give up to give away.

Read more on 26/03/16

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