40 days, 40 acts of generosity

40 days of giving back, doing good and living generously

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Day 15

Sharing is caring, so let’s share the most generous gift of all.

Read more on 06/03/15

Day 16

Eyes up and out. We’re switching off the screen and taking a trip to the real world.
Read more on 07/03/15

Day 17

Whatever you’re getting, you’re giving. Take one and pass it on people.
Read more on 09/03/15

Day 18

Take a deep breath. It’s not too late.

Read more on 10/03/15

Day 19

Break down the barriers and reach through the walls. Be a light amongst someone’s darkness.

Read more on 11/03/15

Day 20

There’s actually nothing strange about this task. Don’t be shy, get socialising.

Read more on 12/03/15

Day 21

Forget what your parents told you.

Read more on 13/03/15

Day 22

Some have lots. Others have little. What do you do with yours?

Read more on 14/03/15

Day 23

Put that scrolling thumb to good use.

Read more on 16/03/15

Day 24

Is #ChocolateTuesday a thing? Because we think it should be.

Read more on 17/03/15

Day 25

First shall be last, last shall be first. Switcharoo!
Read more on 18/03/15

Day 26


Read more on 19/03/15

Day 27

Because cliques ought to be confined to noughties teen movies like Mean Girls.

Read more on 20/03/15

Day 28

Unbutton those cuffs and let’s get elbows-deep.

Read more on 21/03/15

Day 29

Your head honcho is in for a treat today!

Read more on 23/03/15

Day 30

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Read more on 24/03/15

Day 31

You’re here, they’re there. We’re all one big family, though.

Read more on 25/03/15

Day 32

Forget the #humblebrag. This is boasting of the generous variety.

Read more on 26/03/15

Day 33

Rip it up, chuck it out the window.

Read more on 27/03/15

Day 34

Clod-hopping boots or dainty slippers? How’s your footprint?

Read more on 28/03/15

Day 35

Blaaaaah, blah, bl – nope. Not today.

Read more on 30/03/15

Day 36

Heads up: you might need rubber gloves for this one.

Read more on 31/03/15

Day 37

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to ace this act.

Read more on 01/04/15

Day 38

Flip that closed sign around. Today you’re open for conversation.

Read more on 02/04/15

Day 39

IOU? Nope, try "UO0".

Read more on 03/04/15

Day 40

Here we are – it’s the big one. We’re going out with a (stealthy) bang.

Read more on 04/04/15

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