40 days, 40 acts of generosity

40 days of giving back, doing good and living generously

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Day 1

Make lists, remember the awesome bits, and take note of the needs around you.

Day 2

Saving for a rainy day? Try saving for a generous day instead.

Day 3

Less hammer, more heart. What’s in your box?

Day 4

The lady at number 22, the man who runs the corner shop, the kid who delivers your newspaper…

Day 5

Merci, danke, shukran, hvala, efkahristo, gracias, thank you. It’s a generous word to use, generously.

Day 6

You’re important to someone. Or maybe lots of people. How do you steward your influence?

Day 7

In the age of BBM, DMs and FB Walls, reconnect with old friends using an old school method: the phone.

Day 8

When was the last time you did something a little bit crazy to make someone smile? Extravagance at the ready, folks!

Day 9

Two ears and one mouth. That’s a telling ratio, no?

Day 10

Who’d have thought it? That crazy melon-juggling skill might come in useful after all…

Day 11

How we live matters. The tiniest environmental change can make the biggest difference.

Day 12

What would it be like, for a day, to live with no preconceptions, judgements or assumptions? Here’s your chance to be child-like.

Day 13

Make new friends, discover your community, and buy some really cool stuff all at once. Sounds like a plan, Batman.

Day 14

Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is up to… Generosity on the down-low is the name of the game.

Day 15

What causes make your heart race? Which injustice makes you angry? Today’s the day to be an ambassador.

Day 16

Is cake the most universal way to say ‘You’re loved’? Perhaps not, but it’s definitely high on the list.

Day 17

Smile, tip your hat, hold open doors. Simple things that can make all the difference to someone else’s day.

Day 18

Which is your favourite charity? Dig deep and give to them, or donate a tweet in their support.

Day 19

Get poetic, or not. Be gushing and extravagant, or not. Just don’t hold back the wonderful.

Day 20

It’s ok, they’re probably not going to bite. You never know what might happen if you simply say a friendly hello.

Day 21

If you’ve never thought of prayer as a generous act, then you’ve been underestimating how effective it is.

Day 22

No beeps, no buzzes. In the age of the black mirror, we invite you to rediscover Real Life for a day.

Day 23

An establishment older than the current British Queen herself, the humble tea-break has wonderfully generous potential.

Day 24

Laughter is often the best medicine. Share your groan-inducing one-liners today.
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Day 25

Leave your map at home and let God lead you to the spot marked X.

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Day 26

Generosity begets generosity. Start something you won’t be able to finish, and feel GOOD about it.

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Day 27

Roses, geraniums, peonies, zantedeschia, eurphorbia marginata… Say it (far simpler) with flowers.

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Day 28

Be a rebel. A generosity rebel.

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Day 29

Words of life, light, freedom, restoration, promise, hope, goodness, and love. Who wouldn’t share them?

Day 30

Because why would you give someone a tin of baked beans, if they really wanted peas?

Day 31

Pritt Stick at the ready, folks. We’re about to make a mess and create some smiles.

Day 32

Don’t give away that hairy banana-yellow coat. Give away the good stuff.

Day 33

Sometimes getting on your high horse is alright. Put your name to something that counts.

Day 34

Shindig, hootenanny, gathering, party: everyone loves an invite.

Day 35

It’s a Good News that has life-changing consequences; sharing it is probably the most generous thing you’ll ever do.

Day 36

Make two, give one away, and eat together. Just remember to go easy on the mustard.

Day 37

Can someone else take the lead today? Could you let them set the agenda?

Day 38

Grab the eraser; it’s time to make some space on the chalkboard. Choose forgiveness over anger and healing over pain.

Day 39

You carry a message of hope, change and redemption with you daily. Are you brave enough to share it?

Day 40

Grab some bunting and party poppers: Jesus saved the world, and we’re partying like it’s Easter weekend.

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